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We are delighted to offer our dog care services in Totnes which we opened in 2019, where we have created a purpose-built unit to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for your furry companion. Our goal is to become an integral part of your dog's routine and a trusted member of your family. We understand the importance of your dog's safety and well-being, which is why we send regular photos and videos throughout the day and are always available for video calls. Please note that we have strict policies in place, including full vaccination requirements, and we reserve the right to decline dogs who may pose a risk to the safety and comfort of our other guests.

The first step of the enrolment process is a discovery phone call to find out about your dog - we don't have a standard assessment form as they are all so individual.

If the call is a positive one we will invite you to bring your dog in for a short session. We have on site canine body language and communication experts. Doggy interactions are supervised at all times and we are adept at gently suggesting a dog diverts his or her attention elsewhere should a social error be likely - a bit like helping them 'read the room!'.

Juliet is a qualified Canine Emergency First Aider and we have a written arrangement with Dart Vale Vets, a 1 minute drive away to treat any emergency injury or illness that might arise.



Our Doggy Day Care

Bespoke doggy day care located in central Totnes. We help fulfill all your dog's social, physical and emotional needs for when you need to be elsewhere, to treat your dog to a break from their usual routine and to equip dogs, young or old with the skill set to excel in social situations. 



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I have been coming to day care since September 2019.

My best friends are here & my family get time to work & do boring non-doggy stuff!


I come to day care two times a week & have done since I was a baby; I am now fluent in dog & am comfortable & calm in new situations.


I love when one of my classmates has a birthday cos I get CAKE!

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